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What I learnt while I travelled and worked in 18 countries

Over the past five years, I travelled and worked in 18 countries, here are some of my lessons on designing change in complex systems.

Design can be applied universally, but we do need to make changes depending on language and culture.

Just like a team sport, Design doesn’t work…

In your country, where do cars drive? On the right-hand side or the left? Have you ever thought about why the steering wheel is where it is? Please reply to me with your answer and read on to find out mine!

Systems thinking is often compared with analytical thinking. Analytical…

How we ended up using mosquito nets!

When the world started tackling Malaria, a disease that was killing millions of people, the World Health Organisation rallied to solve the problem. One of the big solutions was mosquito nets. In truth, it was a great idea. Mosquitos were transmitting Malaria to humans. …

Designing in complex systems is hard, but there are ways to help you understand

The toughest challenges our societies are facing are complex by nature (i.e. they demonstrate the properties of a complex system). Think of the biggest issues facing us — climate change, ageing populations, poverty, healthcare crises, and inequality. These are complex challenges — there is no straightforward answer, otherwise they would…

Abram El-Sabagh

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