How coaching helps you get unstuck

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I’ve recently been reflecting on my work. Something didn’t feel right and I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought maybe it was my salary, was I earning enough for the work I was doing? Then I turned to recognition, is my work getting recognised? Is that even important?

I spent weeks trying to figure out what the problem was, and why I felt that way. I really wasn’t sure what the problem was.

Recently I have been coaching others in my company, helping them identify what goals they want to achieve and the best way to achieve them. I often talk about coaching as forward looking, I use it to try to help others move forward.

So, I decided I would reach out to two of my trusted coaches. After two long conversation, thinking deeply about what it is I was missing, I realised that it was neither money nor recognition.

All along I had been desiring responsibility. I realised that for a while, I had been stepping up way above my role and pay, and I reached a point where I was comfortable with stepping up. I needed a new challenge.

So how did coaching help?

  1. It helped create time and space for me to think.

If you feel stuck, and not sure why, reach out to a trusted friend or colleague. Someone you can be transparent and open with. Just remember, it has to be someone who will challenge your thinking, not just listen to what you have to say.

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Human-centred designer. ThinkPlace. Designing for positive outcomes.

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Abram El-Sabagh

Human-centred designer. ThinkPlace. Designing for positive outcomes.