Lessons on designing change in complex systems

Over the past five years, I travelled and worked in 18 countries, here are some of my lessons on designing change in complex systems.

Design can be applied universally, but we do need to make changes depending on language and culture.

Just like a team sport, Design doesn’t work on its own. A lot of the power of Design comes from connecting — with people, disciplines, ideas and frameworks.

Trust and collaboration are hugely important. You can’t expect to be successful without them.

Narratives and journeys play an important role in bringing people around the same problems, ideas and solutions.

I’ve loved teaching and coaching — because it scales our collective impact and gives people the tools to focus on their own areas of interests and their communities.



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Abram El-Sabagh

Abram El-Sabagh

Human-centred designer. ThinkPlace. Designing for positive outcomes.